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This is the best April Fool's joke legislation I have ever seen...[quote]SEC. 101. ESTABLISHMENT OF DEPARTMENT OF PEACE AND NONVIOLENCE.

(a) Establishment- There is hereby established a Department of Peace and Nonviolence (hereinafter in this Act referred to as the `Department'), which shall--
(1) be a cabinet-level department in the executive branch of the Federal Government; and
(2) be dedicated to peacemaking and the study of conditions that are conducive to both domestic and international peace.
(b) Secretary of Peace and Nonviolence- There shall be at the head of the Department a Secretary of Peace and Nonviolence (hereinafter in this Act referred to as the `Secretary'), who shall be appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate.
(c) Mission- The Department shall--
(1) hold peace as an organizing principle, coordinating service to every level of American society;
(2) endeavor to promote justice and democratic principles to expand human rights;
(3) strengthen nonmilitary means of peacemaking;
(4) promote the development of human potential;
(5) work to create peace, prevent violence, divert from armed conflict, use field-tested programs, and develop new structures in nonviolent dispute resolution;
(6) take a proactive, strategic approach in the development of policies that promote national and international conflict prevention, nonviolent intervention, mediation, peaceful resolution of conflict, and structured mediation of conflict;
(7) address matters both domestic and international in scope; and
(8) encourage the development of initiatives from local communities, religious groups, and nongovernmental organizations.[/quote]
Isn't that awesome? It's like straight 1984-speak. Clever, clever joke.

Oh wait. It's real.

Watching C-SPAN

I should know better than to watch C-SPAN. It's one thing to know that the duly elected leaders of my nation are scumsucking pus weasels--it's another to watch them demonstrate it on national television.

Duty to the troops

Phillip Carter at Intel Dump asks (and begins to answer) a very good question:[quote]What are the duties of the American public to the military? I would submit that these duties go beyond merely funding the military at an acceptable level, and displaying some measure of gratitude to military personnel. . . I agree with Brooks that the citizen's duty to the military requires engagement and democratic participation. Ultimately, the troops depend on us to manage the political system which makes decisions about where they go, what they do, and ultimately, whether they live or die. We downplay or shirk this duty at our own peril.[/quote]I sympathize with people who are tired of trying to understand what is going on and whether we're winning or losing and who the important people are in the various countries we've been bombing--but if the people don't stay engaged, they will find their decisions made for them.

Care packages are great--but I can buy candy at the PX (when there is one nearby) if I really want it. I can't buy an informed voter.


Proposition 1 (Passenger Ferry tax)

Even as a potential Seattle commuter myself, I can't see making everyone pay for something that will directly benefit only a few and indirectly harm many. Speaking as a Bremerton native son, I am vaguely opposed to anything that causes more Seattle people to move over here.

Riding the surge

This is the sort of post I wish I could write, but I'm too busy drinking coffee, having nightmares, and watching the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon on DVD, courtesy of Sergeant Smallville.

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