On the hidden evils of news aggregators

At least I don't promise to update more frequently.

I have this sneaking suspicion that news aggregation is making my online life too easy. I have--or had, since I've pared down some--over 100 news feeds in my Google Reader: over 100 sites that I am subscribed to and whose updates I see automagically in one quick-loading ad-less page. I can spend, should I be so inclined, hours and hours catching up on the latest goings on in politics, technology, local news, Russian versions of all of these things, military issues, and personal blogs. I will literally never catch up. The Intarweb generates new interesting things much faster than I can read them.

As a result, I often find that I'll sit down, check my e-mail, open my reader, and then lose an hour or three and not accomplish a blessed thing--to include updates to my own site in particular. I'm up to date on a lot of issues, but I have lost the time to address any of them. It's like having that mythical cable television that doesn't absolutely suck. So many good channels--so many good things to watch. And you have an infinite capacity TiVo. But you still have to sit down and watch the shows, and you're not getting anything accomplished while that happens.

I'm not about to go out on a limb and say that my lack of updates is a great crime against society--not after I've just told you that there is already more great material out there than any one person can read. However, for whatever reason, some people like to read my opinions on stuff, and I read enough moronic thought out there that sometimes I feel it my duty to society to set the record straight about things for which I consider myself a subject matter expert. Thus, in its own very small way, my personal web site becomes another small expression of my service to society.

Should circumstances land me a sentence of community service some day in the future, I am totally going to use this argument. "Your honor, I have to protect the Internet from stupid people."

Anyway, I've been thinking about it a good bit, and I've decided that even though many of the web sites and articles I read are excellent and insightful and useful, I don't need to read all of them, so I've started paring them down.

This is also not a promise to update more often. But know that it's not because I don't want to.