Так мое слово становится камнем

Call me callous

In which a (probably) dead guy gets promoted faster than Sig.

A delightfully unproductive weekend

So my main goal this weekend was not to spend a ton of money, especially as we don't actually seem to possess a ton of money (who knew?). I did spend about 20 bucks on computer speakers for my CD player so I could have tunes whilst moving about the room, but other than that I was pretty good. OK, I bought some beef jerky, coffee, and Powerade, too, but that was dinner last night.

Mostly, I spent Friday and Saturday either playing Taylor's XBox games or watching Taylor's DVDs. These would be Samurai Warrior, RSR (something-or-another syndicate racing, basically a clone of Need For Speed: Underground), and Kill Bill Vol I & II. Taylor himself was there for part of this, but then went on an excursion with his wife of indeterminate length--in other words, I haven't seen him in a while.

Kill Bill was particularly strange. I am one of 4 people on the planet who not only hadn't seen it, but had only the slightest idea what it involved. It was quite violent, rather vulgar, but more enjoyable than most Quentin Tarantino films. It helps if you know and appreciate some anime, I suspect. I won't go into details, since you either a) have seen it, b) might someday see it (in which case I won't ruin it), or c) will never see it (in which case you don't care).

Suffice it to say that a lot of bizarre, incomprehensible behavior and statements that I have witnessed over the last few years suddenly have a context within this film.

At the moment I'm killing time until church services start here on post. We'll see how good or bad the chapel protestant service is, and then decide from there whether it's worthwhile to try to arrange off-post transport to a Church of Christ service. There's a contemporary service here in the evening that I will probably avoid, but the morning service is supposed to be pretty traditional.


Need a computer.

I need my own computer. The United States Army, in its infinite wisdom, has installed NetNanny on the computers in the lab here with stunningly ridiculous settings. I can't view half of my own site.


This post will self-destruct in 5... 4...

I'm sorry, but I can't talk about that. And I can't tell you why.

V+ again

Liberation, and more news from Goodfellow AFB.

The Many Joys of Phase IV

In which Sig leaves the DLI rabbit-hole and returns to the "Real Army."

The Last Trip Report

Trip AAR from San Angelo.

Post-Houston Report

The Lives and Loves of the Greater Houston Area

Reporting in from--where the hell are we, anyway?

Checking in from the Best Western Express in some small town just west of Houston on I-10. They, too, have free wireless. I have to say that this is a trend of which I highly approve.

I just finished uploading the random odd things I had written down while riding along, backdating the posts as appropriate. We hit town around 1900, got a nice room, and walked over to one of the many local Mexican places. Good salsa, excellent mole sauce on the chicken enchiladas, and (She tells me) a tasty marguerita. I had a Long Island Tea--they don't call it a Long Island Iced Tea here, apparently because only a complete and utter moron would not put ice in it--but since I'd never had one before, I couldn't say how good it was. I found it rather tasty, if a bit sweeter than my normal fare.

At the moment, my beloved is talking to Keeper on the telephone device thing, arranging tomorrow. It will totally r0xx0r.


Checking In from the Inn

Sitting in the Days Inn, watching an episode of Popeye the Sailor from 1934 on the Cartoon Network while Sweetie self-prettifies. It is disturbing. The cartoon, not Sweetie.

We'll hit the continental breakfast in a few minutes, check out, and then go seek some good coffee (or Starbuck's, if we can't find good coffee) on our way out. Not a lot of navigation or thought required on today's leg--drive east on I-10. Это всё.

Tonight should see us within a few hours of Keeper and KK, depending on how far and how fast we can go today. This state is freaking huge.


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