National Guard

Didn't I enlist to stop doing this stuff?

In which Sig talks about work--past, present, and future.


In which Sig (thankfully!) doesn't get hired for a job he never really wanted.


I'm doing a two-week language immersion, about 12 hours per day for 13 days, so excuse me if it's even quieter here than it has already been lately.

Christmas was great. New Year's Eve was great. Training is frustrating. My listening seems to be much improved since last time I spent a good deal of time training, but my speaking is still about on par with a non-Russian Russian speaker who is unable to speak well.


PS- 10 weeks until ребёнок бывает.


Alas, they seem to be able to cope with the problems without me. Guess I'll get back to the oh-so-important database query I was working on.

Meh. My wife has the details and picture links.


Sig v. Storm

Oh, it's on.
[quote]12:56 p.m.: AP - Gov. Chris Gregoire has declared a statewide emergency in response to storms lashing Washington. That means the state's Army National Guard is on standby to help local officials if they call for assistance.[/quote]
I'm already unable to get home, stuck in the (leaking) armory--it has become personal.


It's not slaying lava monsters, but it ain't bad.

(Referring, of course, to this infamous USMC recruiting video.)

Apparently, this video is playing in theaters ahead of some movies, and has been for a few weeks. Per the announcement on AKO:

The National Guard will execute a national theater advertising program from 26 October through 3 January, 2007. The National Guard will capitalize on the large audience of theater goers during the holiday months and expose them to a new 3:30 film entitled "Citizen Soldier". The film features an original song about the National Guard by the multi-platinum alternative rock band 3 Doors Down.

(Read more for the video and further linkage--I don't like embedding videos on the front page.)

Drinking the Kool-Aid for fun and profit

Because signing up to defend and uphold the Constitution is so 18th century.

Once again, the music stops.

Executive summary: Last week I found out that I'm about to be unemployed as of the end of this month. Depression and resigned searching for a civilian job ensued.

Learning to lead

Setting off artillery simulators at 0300 was pointlessly annoying--possessing no bunkers or anything to run to, we decided our tents were either a) armored, in which case we could continue sleeping, or b) tents, in which case we were all dead and could continue sleeping.

Other duties as assigned

If you had told me before this week that I could take a standard rack-grade M-16A2 that I'd never fired before and within 15 minutes be putting 5.56mm holes in the 10 and X ring from 200 yards away while standing, I'd have laughed in your face.

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