Technology in the home

The down side to using our new television as a computer monitor is that occasionally we want to use it as a television. This means either a) watching DVDs on the computer in the den or b) moving the television upstairs to watch DVDs on the old XBox from the couch. Neither is an ideal solution; having moved the television upstairs, I tend to not be in a hurry to move it again, so sometimes the computer spends a cold, lonely week downstairs while I play old XBox games upstairs.

Not a good long term arrangement. We decided to buy ourselves some more technology to solve this problem--a new DVD player for upstairs, and a new monitor for the computer. We'd intended to wait until after Christmas, but were weak and succumbed to good deals at Costco this weekend: an AOC 22" widescreen monitor and a nice upconverting HDMI DVD player from Sony. Finally, we could have two rooms, each complete with the necessary hardware for its intended purpose!

So, of course, on Monday afternoon I walked in the house and my beloved informed me that the living room upstairs was too freakishly cold and we were therefore moving the couch, television and (still boxed) DVD player downstairs, at least for the winter.

The irony is not lost on me. However, this will actually work out pretty well. We rearranged the existing setup so that I now have a desk for the computer (vice a keyboard and trackball on my lap) at the other end, facing the room. The couch will go in front of the desk (thus concealing cables from infant grasp) facing the television on a sturdy shelf. She can do her computing on her laptop while watching Ian and/or movies and I can write pointlessly trivial journal entries all in the same room.

The downside: I can't figure out an arrangement which will put the beer fridge back within arm's reach of the computer.

The key thing to take away is that I have a high res widescreen monitor for playing video games, webwandering, and writing journal entries, not necessarily in that order.



Ok, now THAT is funny....but

Ok, now THAT is funny....but also makes me a little jealous.