Breaking the bank

In which Sig mortgages his firstborn to pay for web hosting.

In which Sig sets up forums anyway. And some other stuff.

The technical environment

Some of the nitty gritty details you'll need to know when setting up a site at NFSN. Install Guides is a great host, particularly for the hobbiest web admin who doesn't have the need (or budget) for fancy frills. However, there are a few gotchas and caveats that need to be addressed when setting up shop.

Herein are (or will be) gathered tips and hints for making some of the apps I use play nice with NFSN. Hopefully, they will be of use to someone else just getting started.

Rise of the subdomain

In which Sig makes

Domain happiness

In which Sig finally makes the name official.

Breaking up is hard to do

In which Sig elaborates on previously hinted plans for this site, and makes a request of his readership.

You can't quite call it productive.

Before turning in, however, I'd like to point you to my latest web effort, which was really no effort at all--a new Coppermine gallery for our photos.

Hardly working

In which Sig builds another Drupal site, mutilating FriendsElectric along the way.

Web in the works

Third, I have been kicking around the idea of making a Drupal-based review site, wholly unfocused, where anybody who wants to can sign up and write reviews of anything (movies, games, books, wars, days of the week, mythical creatures, razor blades, etc.). The primary purpose of this would be, of course, my own amusement, but hey, a writing opportunity is a writing opportunity. And they couldn't be any worse than professional reviews.

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